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Shine a Light- ADL & EVERFI Webinar
Join us for a webinar hosted by Shine a Light, ADL, and EVERFI to learn more about BINAH (Building Insights to Navigate Antisemitism and Hate), a digital course that teaches high school students about antisemitism in our society and motivates them to identify as global citizens with respect for all people, regardless of the makeup of their school community.

Using real-world stories, BINAH builds empathy, perspective and allyship through four interactive 20 minute lessons exploring topics like The Holocaust, the lives of Hasidic Jews, Jewish history and culture, immigration and antisemitic acts in America. It also offers pre-and post-surveys so teachers are able to see critical learner knowledge gains.

Webinar participants will leave this session with immediate access to BINAH via the EVERFI platform, and with a clear understanding around the imperative of confronting antisemitism.

We look forward to seeing you on December 2nd at 4:00pm EST.


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